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Lube Stop makes Monthly Lube & Sports Draws to reward loyal customers who have registered with us on Lube Stop’s website.  We also reward loyal registered customers with regular coupons, rebates, sales, promos and discounts throughout the year.

The Lube Stop Monthly Lube & Sports Draws are for either a Free Oil Change certificate or a ticket to a local Sports Event.  If your name is randomly selected, we notify you by email or phone that your ticket or coupon is at the shop waiting for you!

If you are interested, please register on our website.  The registration form is at the bottom of each page.  Just fill it out and submit it.  That action will add you to our customer database. From there, we will email you as promised and enter you into our monthly lube and sports draws.

Lube Stop values repeat loyal customers.  As such, they engage in regular promotions and offers to reward them.

Additionally, Lube Stop offers a Loyalty Program where customers can earn points.  These accumulated points also translate into cost savings for repeat customers.

So, we offer much more than just draws.  Register with us right away in all our cost savings programs and start repeating the benefits today on all our services.  To view some of these programs, check out our various PERKS.

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